Ladies and gentlemen, I write a short description what we do, the site is not by far ready, but this way you will know a little bit we do.

We are Jan and Hanny, almost married for 30 years and we live in Kerkrade (the Netherlands). After a difficult path and much struggle we discovered our spiritual abilities. Through meditation and with help of the Angels we became the healers we are today. And we have to tell that Aidan Storey recognised us as one of the first crystal childeren, he told us to begin and so we did.

Our only intention is and we be in the future is to help people and bring them to another insight, this on a way that is in reach for everybody. The messages which I receive come directly from the Angels.

We work with very special and rare crystals! Some of them are so rare that it is not possible anymore to obtain them, together it forms a very special combination of energy. The energy which flows during a healing can be overwhelming, so beware, after a healing it is not always wise to drive!

We can`t predict what happens during a healing, it`s for everybody and each time different, The Angels do the work, not we, we just pass the healing energy through. They decide what is best for the person who gets a healing. What always happens is that the frequencies of a person goes to a higher level. Until know we have only very positive reactions, it varies from improvement in health (a regular doctor still is necessary), going to higher frequencies, sometimes a departed person leaves a message. Some people go on a journey, or/and they will see Angels, even Jesus, Maria, the ascended masters, Atlantis. Lemuria, or all of this at once. It often happens that during or after a healing people themselves can see the Angels. This is a unique way of healing, new in this world and you can`t compare it with other ways of healing. It is not Reiki, or Shambala etc., this is new and unique.

We give always a healing with the two of us, you lie on a table, with your clothes on and it lasts about an hour.

In the future we will give workshops so we can share our knowledge, so everybody can find his/her way and that we change the world together.